"Telling an entertaining, funny, cute, romantic, HOT, but lastly serious story. I call this joyful storytelling - walking on the beaten path but dancing off left and right."

- Simsala; Goodreads review for Seeing Red

"Dante and Sven's relationship is unexpected to both of them. I enjoyed seeing how this developed, and the way they learned from each other how to make themselves whole. It's a romantic tale of self discovery, life, love and overcoming those fears of being able to be who you want to be, rather than settling for what others want you to be. A sweet story of two guys who are so unsure of themselves, it makes you want to reach in and hug them. Good character development and nice slow burn romance."

- Edga; Amazon.uk review for Lucky Seven

"MM Hurt/comfort romance, easy to read, page-turning story of two young men recently out of prison and trying to live a somewhat normal life whilst coming to terms with the horrible things that happened to them while confined. Red and Will meet by pure chance at a bar and they find that they have alot in common with each other. The two men turn to each other at a time when they have nobody else."

- sarah mitcham; Amazon.uk review for Seeing Red

"I haven’t read a book this gritty, emotional and REAL in a long time. I couldn’t put this one down; I had to know how Vincent and Anno’s story would play out and I loved every minute of it."

- Bethany; Goodreads review for Never Fade Away

"I’m blown away! This book is over the top amazing. These two m/c’s, Anno and Vincent, stole my heart and gained my loyalty. They now have complete possession of my devoted affection. This story is so good, at times I found myself thinking of Vincent as a real person. Their struggles broke my heart and I became entranced with their story."

- T Paul; Goodreads review for Never Fade Away

"A great story of learning to be yourself and be comfortable with it regardless of what others think. Dante and Sven are both wonderful characters who are each struggling with their own issues. They are great together and truly help one another accept who they are as thy navigate through friendship and love. I really love these 2 characters and how they grow throughout the story as individuals and also as a couple. It's a sweet story that I recommend."

- Esther Alayeto; Goodreads review for Lucky Seven

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